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You've found the starting independant record label designed for young talents.

We deliver your music which is signed by us to major music services like:

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Big royalties

The percentage of royalties by us is at least 40%

When your track hits more views your royalties percentage will increase

High Quality

High quality tracks is a musthave for Dellusion Records

User Friendly

User friendly support is useful for a good co-operation

More Details

Dellusion Records is a record label designed for young talents. Home of artists such as Rick Verboom, DragunoV and JUSTICE. Dellusion Records have contacts with big record labels such as Spinnin' Records and Revealed Recordings.

We guarantee big royalties of at least 40% this could be more depending of the trendiness of the track. Your music belongs to you and will always be yours. You may choose your own distribution source. If you want your music on iTunes but not on Google Play Music, we will obey your demands

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